West of Twilight

by Katje Janisch

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Christopher Olson
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Christopher Olson This woman's music requires concentration. In fact, it demands it, in it's utterly unique and intricate, sonorous way. Such rewards! That is not to say that one cannot simply let it play while you go about your business, spirit soaring along with her muse. Don't be surprised if you are caught up short however, and stop dead in your tracks to LISTEN...
a thing of wonder, and delight.
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"West of Twilight" was released July 10, 2015 as a limited edition by Reverb Worship. Now that the physical release has sold out, you may purchase "West of Twilight" as a download. Check out Reverb Worship's other releases here: www.reverbworship.com/news_2_10.html.

"…a hugely accomplished, deeply impressive and utterly spellbinding album filled with white witchcraft and the lore of the woodlands. For genuinely timeless and beautifully made acid folk take a trip here, just west of twilight." (The Active Listener, reviewed by Grey Malkin: active-listener.blogspot.co.nz/2015/07/katje-janisch-west-of-twilight.html)

"A very beautiful and highly creative album of folk-inspired music that defies straightforward categorization." (Bliss/Aquamarine, reviewed by Kim Harten: www.blissaquamarine.net/albumreviews29.html)

Your download will contain the full ten-song album.

Full track list:

1. The Ancestors
2. The Dance
3. Neptune's Dream
4. The Queen of Swords
5. Seven
6. The Yew Tree (Resurrection)
7. Mother
8. The Golden Cup
9. Cordelia's Lament
10. The Hunter and the Fairy

More information at: bit.ly/1kH6wKL


released July 10, 2015

All music written, performed and recorded by Katje Janisch. Mastered by Dan Dickhaus of Little Wing Recording Studio.



all rights reserved


Katje Janisch Gainesville, Florida

Katje Janisch's otherworldly psych folk stirs with enchantment, reflecting her lifelong interest in matters mythic and mystic. Weaving together voice, fretted strings, flutes and other instruments, Janisch's intricately crafted arrangements conjure folkloric imagery in music characterized by listeners as ethereal and haunting. May the music carry you “West of Twilight.” ... more

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Track Name: The Yew Tree (Resurrection)
1. The yew stood for centuries,
Till fools hacked it down,
But then, to their amazement,
From the root, a new tree had regrown.

R. Hidden deep, the root endures,
Through the root we'll be reborn,
Those destroyed, restored,
Soon be reborn through the root.
Those who fell soon will rise once more,
Await resurrection from the root.
In the ground, the yew tree awaits resurrection

2. The history books stated
The old ways were gone,
Until it was later discovered,
In the hills, tradition still lives on.

3. The dictator silenced the folk singer's song,
So now, pick up your instruments,
Gather round, we'll sing that freedom song.
Track Name: The Hunter and the Fairy
Glimmer of dew, the hunter in the meadow spied her.
"What kind of being lurks in this field?
The flowers have eyes, but they're not like yours."

"Know, I am the dream of your fathers' fathers'.
I am older than your stories of me.
Your golden hair, your sky blue eyes,
the sun must envy you, as I can't help but adore you.
Swear that you will never reveal my secret
and I'll love you all your days."

Word of the lovely hunter's wife soon swept the country.
"How did a huntsman win such a bride?"
Their questions flattered him. He said with pride:

"Oh, she is an old one of legend. Truly,
she is fairer than the stories of her."

Her eyes turned downcast. He bid her stay.
But though she loved him, she walked away.


"Foolish man! Your foolish pride!
Now I must leave your side forever."